Get complete control of your resident safety. Arial offers advanced capabilities to engage and empower caregivers, improve workflow and staff productivity, and improve the overall resident experience.

Elevate Resident Safety

STANLEY Healthcare offers the widest range of reliable emergency and nurse call solutions, including both wired and wireless systems. All Arial solutions empower caregivers by providing better visibility to residents’ needs using extensive alerting, notification and reporting capabilities.

Arial Overview

Emergency Call

Arial Wi-Fi

Arial Wi-Fi offers a fully wireless emergency call functionality with the capability to leverage a new or existing Wi-Fi network, lowering the cost of install. Locate residents at any time and respond to alarms efficiently with location-based accuracy.

Arial Wireless

Arial Wireless is built on a reliable, stand-alone network, eliminating the need for pre-existing Wi-Fi infrastructure or IT support. The wide array of sensors available allow the flexibility of resident, facility and environmental monitoring from a single location.

Nurse Call

Arial Nurse Call

A wired UL 1069 and UL 2560-listed solution that meets all standard criteria. Arial Nurse Call offers a wide variety of features, ranging from two-way voice communication between residents and caregivers, alarm history reporting, staff notifications, and a central staff alerting system to provide the necessary features for every level of care your organization offers.

Arial U

Cut the wires for your nurse call system while maintaining all the requirements of UL 1069 compliance. With Arial U’s non-intrusive installation, a comprehensive nurse call solution can be installed with minimal disruption to residents and patients.

Information at Caregivers’ Fingertips

You work hard to deliver excellent care and a rich resident experience. The Arial solution supports you in that mission by providing valuable insights into your residents’ care needs. With Arial, you have information at your fingertips regarding not only response times and the number of alarms, but also who is responding, how much time caregivers spend with a resident, and details about the encounter. 

Personal – and accurate – protection 

Whether from the attractive personal pendant or call stations in rooms and common areas, your residents can call for help whenever it’s needed. The Arial solution provides residents with the confidence they need to know caregivers will be immediately notified at the push of a button.

Alerts on the go with the Arial Mobile Application

The Arial Mobile Application enables caregivers to quickly and easily receive call station and pendant alarms from residents in their care from anywhere in the community. Caregivers can respond promptly to resident needs and easily document the encounter and the services provided. This information provides visibility beyond standard response time and captures the invisible services that improve quality of life.

Dashboards and reporting

The Arial Management Dashboard shows at a glance how you’re performing against key benchmarks, and lets you dig into specific events or a resident’s call history. Communities have information at their fingertips regarding not only response times and the number of alarms, but also who is responding, how much time caregivers spend with a resident, and details about the encounter. 

We have found the Arial App to be a big improvement on previous staff notification devices.
Beckey Hjaltalin
Director of Wellness
Close up of the Arial mobile app

Integrations to Your Key Safety Systems

Get the most from your investment through direct integrations to core care and safety systems for your community. From wander management to environmental sensors and fire panels, the Arial platform allows you to consolidate alarm management and reporting tools in one location. 

Wander Management 

Cover your wander management needs with direct integration to STANLEY Healthcare’s next-gen WanderGuard BLUE solution.

Environmental Sensors

Integrate motion and smoke detectors, door and window sensors, temperature and humidity monitors and glass break sensors to manage conditions within your community. 

Fire Panel Integration

Fire alarm messages from the Fire Panel can be displayed in the Arial software – including on the map – and pushed to remote devices like the Arial Mobile App.

PointClickCare Integration

Improve operational efficiency and the quality of resident care by seamlessly integrating call data into the industry’s leading EHR solution. 

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Meet UL 1069 and UL 2560 Requirements

Arial offers both wireless and wired options certified to meet UL 1069 and UL 2560 requirements. Take advantage of advanced nurse call features, while still maintaining regulatory compliance.

Arial Nurse Call – A Hard-Wired Solution

Arial Nurse Call provides skilled nursing facilities with a wired nurse call solution that meets all UL 1069 and UL 2560 requirements. Expand your system through the addition of various features like two-way caregiver and resident voice communication, the Arial communication hub for reporting and notifications, and the Arial server which promotes unified reporting and central staff alerting across mixed care campuses.

Arial Nurse Call Solution Overview

Arial U – A Fully Wireless Solution

The Arial U solution meets all the requirements of UL 1069 – including a nurse monitoring station and dome lights – while leveraging wireless call stations to simplify installation and give you far greater flexibility to easily expand your nurse calls reach. 

Arial U Solution Overview