A digital platform to see and manage everyone who visits your community, whether family, vendors or third-party care providers.

Your Community, Safer

Digital sign-in with photo

Simple sign in that captures essential information and a photo of every visit. You have complete information on all visitors.

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Charles Mann
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Founder, Accushield
“With Accushield, we have developed a simple, cost-effective way to streamline the visitor sign-in process and upgrade the front desk experience, all while increasing community security.”

Proactive alerts

Accushield puts you firmly in control of who enters your community, and can notify you via text or email when a specific visitor signs in.

Comprehensive analytics

Web-based analytics enable you to track and report on third-party home health, hospice and other providers that care for your residents, and measure the social engagement of your residents. 

Evacuation readiness

In an emergency, Accushield can quickly show you a list of the visitors and residents who are in the community from a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Woman uses Accushield Touchscreen to sign into senior living residence
Woman checks into senior living residence with Accushield
The Accushield Advantage

Innovative Touchscreen Technology

Paper logs are no way to manage a busy modern community. Accushield helps you ensure that every visitor is properly vetted and professionally welcomed.

Make an excellent first impression 

The Accushield kiosk is intuitive and visually appealing for visitors, and makes life easier for your reception staff too. This modern sign in process both improves your service to visitors and helps ensure that the information they provide is kept secure.

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Carlene Motto
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Executive Vice President of Sales, Belmont Village
“Accushield is a more sophisticated, controlled and elegant way of managing visitors.”

Improve safety & security

Accushield supports detailed background checks of vendors and third-party caregivers that can include immunization and criminal record. You can keep unqualified individuals out of your community, and be automatically alerted if anyone on your watch list attempts to sign in.

Understand your residents and community 

Accushield’s web-based analytics and reporting provide a wealth of insight, like the Love Meter App: it  measures how frequently each resident is receiving visitors. You can take proactive steps to increase the social engagement of residents who are not visited regularly.

Senior living resident reads to young girl on lap