A flexible platform for safety and security

Integrate a wide range of systems into the Arial platform for consolidated alerting and reporting.


Broader reach through integrations

Integrate other systems into the Arial Emergency Call Solution for comprehensive visibility into safety and security in your community.

Nurse call systems

Integrate existing nurse call systems into Arial to consolidate alerts from across your community. You can expand wirelessly with the Arial U nurse call solution and still use your legacy system.

Communication devices

In addition to the Arial Mobile Application, Arial supports a wide range of communication devices, including VoIP phones, pagers, overhead display signs and dome lights.

Fire panels

The Arial solution supports integration of most fire alarm panels for secondary reporting of fire alarms in the Arial software and on mobile devices.

Fall monitors

Send alerts from Tabs fall monitors to Arial to enable silent alarming and more rapid response to potential fall events.

Security and access control

Arial can integrate many security, access control and building automation systems, including CCTV, and intrusion alarm systems.

Wander management

The Arial platform offers native integration of the WanderGuard BLUE wander management solution.


Arial’s 10.5 upgrade offers direct integration with PointClickCare, retrieving resident demographic and status data directly from PointClickCare systems and eliminating the need to manually enter duplicate data.

Amazon Alexa

Utilize Arial 10.5 to expand call capabilities past nurse call stations and pendants. Alexa’s voice-activated emergency calls ease the mind of residents and their family knowing that help is just a call away, no matter what form it may be.

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